Interview with Paola Vela

Tell me something about you and artistic background.
I was born in Lima Peru, in 1973, and studied Fine Arts at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru, with concentration in Printmaking. I am a visual artist who began working with video in 2006.

Tell me about this film, initial idea and work process.
I didn´t want to tell a story. I wanted to display a situation. I was interested in the ambiguous relationship between people and specific objects inside urban spaces. In Lima, the place where I live, these objects create ruptures and conflicts. But at the same time it is impossible to think about the city without them. So in the video, I wanted to show this paradox: the woman observes the casino lights as a kitsch and fascinating object.

Are you working on new projects at the moment?
Now I am working on new experimental shorts using vintage images: found footage films (Super 8) and photographs which belong to 70s. I need a certain amount of solitude and privacy to elaborate them, because they will be personal and intimate works.

Do you have specific influences in your film/video making?
I think a film/video work is a resume that we have in our minds. I am always watching films, video art, painting, prints, reading literature, history, philosophy, etc, internet surfing, observing the architecture in my city and in others, listening music, sounds and noise, etc. Nowadays, the only thing I don´t watch is television.

Why is it important for you to show your film/video in a festival?
I can share my work with a wider audience.

What role do you think Oslo Screen Festival should have to promote your work?
It could be to show the work and information in other spaces such as internet or through lectures in other festivals.

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